Agora investment management platform: Introducing The New Investor Portal


Lior Dolinski

Product updates

May 29, 2022

Agora's new investor portal is designed from the ground up to exceed investor expectations, and is leading the market in terms of customization capabilities, ease of use, and quality of design. With robust features and an attractive, fully white-label user interface, we'll help you create an uncompromised investor experience and overall satisfaction. Our portal is designed to make you look good with a beautifully designed portal, better visibility control, and easy customization options throughout. Here are the key features to look forward to.

Main Dashboard

Our new investor portal puts all of the important information in one place with an at-a-glance dashboard that shows an overview of the investor's entire portfolio, that is made specifically for him. Fully customized modules allow you to control what's front-and-center while incomplete data is hidden automatically. You control what data you present to a specific or a group of investors, so that every type of investor sees only what's relevant for him.

With the “Recent Updates” section consolidating communications into one accessible place, and a new notification bell for unread updates, you can say goodbye to disjointed announcements and information sharing. Above it, an optional banner puts the spotlight on live offerings, which is the best place for you to advertise a new portfolio.  All interactions are streamlined, from checking on investments to sending out new requests. You can even give your investors editing capabilities within the portal, improving investor control.

Deal/Fund Pages

Gone are the days of hidden pages and sifting through reports to uncover information. Under the "My Investments" tab, an investor can easily access up-to-date information for all of their active projects. The card-style layout is clean and appealing with a focus on data. Bold titles and tags quickly distinguish investment types, like projects, funds, and portfolios so the investor can find what they're looking for.

The design is focused on showcasing the data that investors care about the most. For that reason, we put you in total control when it comes to deciding how you wish for data to be displayed, and what you want to hide. Choose from a number of eye-catching visuals, including charts and graphs, to quickly communicate total contributions and distributions.

If an investor wants more information on a specific investment, they can find everything they want to know with just one click. Quickly summarize the amount they contributed, the date of their contribution, ownership percentage, and outstanding capital, among other metrics which are fully controlled and customized by you. The Recent Updates section morphs on these pages, only displaying updates relevant to the open investment.

Each investment page shows all of the related details, updates, metrics, graphs, transactions, investment related  documents, and other important documents. . Large photos, a detailed description, and a pinned map location complete the layout and offer a seamless, modern visual appeal that your investors will appreciate.

Offering Tool

The Live Offering module on the dashboard can connect your investors to the offering data room via a "Learn More" link or lead them straight into the subscription process via an "Invest Now" button. This button can be targeted to specific investors, and you can decide if it’s a soft commitment or direct investments. The new investor portal also features an "Offerings" tab up top where investors can view all of your offerings on one page.

Clicking on a listing takes them to the offering data room, which features crucial information about potential investments. The highly visible "Invest Now" button takes the investor to a simple subscription page that allows them to start a new subscription.

The self-guided subscription process begins with basic details, like the amount they wish to invest. It will also ask them to select the user profile associated with the investment, put in a payment method, and list out relevant contacts. The next three phases complete the workflow by showing them statements, summarizing their new subscription and asking them to sign documents digitally from the portal as an embedded frame, which means the investor never needs to leave the portal to sign.

Document and Tax Center

Managing paperwork has never been easier. With our new document and tax center, your investors can effortlessly access K1s and other important documents for each investment. This area is highly organized and allows investors to filter by investment and/or filter by date, profile, or other descriptors.

Two tabs separate general documents from tax documents for even greater accessibility. Plus, they don't even have to navigate into the document center. As they browse through entities under My Investments, there's a tab to access relevant documents for each one.

Get Started

Our new investor portal is designed to help you automate, interact, and improve your investor relationships, both financial and interpersonal, with ease. We're excited to bring you this new, most advanced investor portal in the market, and we have even more important updates planned for 2022 and beyond.

The new portal has full responsiveness and mobile support, which means your investor can access the portal from anywhere, right at the palm of his hand. We also provide multi-currency support per various projects, with an automated currency rate sync.

As we continue to improve our investor portal, our primary focus continues to center on your reputation and the experience of your investors. We're not satisfied unless you are, and that's the mindset that helps us continue to innovate and improve in everything we do.  

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