Investors are a key source of capital for real estate transactions


Jamie Stadtmauer


May 29, 2022

Real estate investors come from different backgrounds and have different goals. However, they have one thing in common; they want to make a return on their investments. For real estate investment managers, investors are a vital source of capital for real estate transactions and your bottom line.

What do Real Estate Investors Want?

Real estate investors are generally busy people; they want to save time. Therefore, keep the investment structure simple and be realistic about project milestones and returns. You should:

  • Be prepared for the fundraising stage.
  • Go into the meeting anticipating questions investors may have and have a clear plan laid out from start to finish for them to envision.
  • Send a performance report every quarter and make sure that distributions go out in a timely manner. 
  • Share annual recap on the investment and give a clear explanation of any necessary revisions to the underwriting proforma. 

Being transparent while fundraising and reporting as well as keeping things simple will impress the investors you have and attract new ones.

The Advent of Technology

Compared to even 20 years ago, it is much easier to reach people and offer services today. Unfortunately, real estate has been one of the slowest industries to integrate new technologies. It’s not that all people in real estate are old; it’s that the business of deal-making is naturally face-to-face. Many offices are content with a couple of computers and a fax machine because the economy has not pushed them to evolve.

Now millennials and other technologically savvy investors are getting involved in real estate—and besides ROI, investors want to save time. This factor alone is pushing real estate investment firms into the future.

Investors know that they can get online and go to their stockbroker account to view progress or make trades, and they are starting to want that in their real estate investments too. For some, a piece of paper quarterly is fine, but others want to have a bird’s-eye view of what is going on around the clock.

Investors would also like the ability to sign documents, view new investment opportunities, and communicate with their investment manager without coming into the office or picking up the phone. While these tasks can be done by email, email chains can get long, and communications become unorganized. Additionally, sharing signed documents over mainstream email accounts is unsafe.

How Do You Give the Modern Real Estate Investor What They Want?

To keep everything straight, safe, and as simple as possible for your clients, you can hire people to help, or you can invest in a system that will do it for you. Agora is your Capital Relationship Manager. With Agora, you can keep track of investor relations on the CRM platform. On the CRM platform, each client has their own profile. As you communicate with the client through Agora, your communications are aggregated into their profile. There is no sifting through emails or filing cabinets to remember if Stephen Miller is a short-term ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investor or only interested in early-stage billion-dollar development projects. Simply navigate to his name and have a look.   

The platform also offers an:

  • Investor Portal
  • Investor Reporting
  • Fundraising Automation
  • Investment Management
  • Data Room

With Agora, you can take the time to create mind-blowing presentations and meet with more people face-to-face. You can be better prepared for more fundraising meetings and automate your reporting and document signing. You will spend less time on daily mundane tasks to focus your attention on getting and making new deals.

What Does a Happy Real Estate Investor Look Like Today?

Again, today's real estate investors want an ROI and to save time while achieving their monetary goals. Your investors will come from different backgrounds and have different goals in mind. They want to know that they can confidently rely on you to deliver the information and returns they need.

The real estate investment managers best adapted to modern real estate investor needs will have the best performance. These people are able to keep well-capitalized clients they have had for a long time and take new lower capitalized investors with different goals into the fold.

Step Into the 21st Century

If you haven’t yet, think about stepping into the 21st century with Agora. The business team has spent decades in real estate investment and came together to find better solutions for the antiquated technology the real estate industry leans toward. They searched out some of the best military cybersecurity specialists to make sure your client’s data is safe in the Agora cloud.

As you do, Agora puts the customer first with superior security, support, and constant innovation. Allow us to streamline your operations and request a demo of Agora today.  

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