A Dynamic Real-Estate Investment Management Platform That Grows with July Residential

Agora partnered with July Residential to provide an optimized real estate investment management platform that expedites investor communications and documentation with a fuss-free onboarding process.

Friendly User Experience

July Residential had a seamless user experience with the Agora platform, where they could conveniently manage investor communication and documents from a sleek and organized interface. While new users (i.e., investors) usually faced the issues of getting well-acquainted with other investor portals, July Residential reported a simple and fuss-free onboarding of their investors with Agora.

Optimized Back Office Operations

Agora replaced July Residential’s time-consuming manual processes and distributed systems with an efficient and cost-effective solution that centralized investor data and back-office operations within a secure one-stop cloud system.

More than a Service Provider

Agora provided July Residential with highly responsive support throughout their platform experience. Rather than providing standard answers, the Agora team went the extra mile to understand the needs of July Residential and offer a suitable solution in response without exception. Customer success is a major part of the Agora experience, where the team remains committed to growing with each client.

About July Residential 

Founded in 2007, July Residential is a real estate investment management firm specializing in multifamily units. The firm focuses on acquiring, managing, and developing multifamily units nationwide, with over 12,000 units across its portfolios. July Residential constantly provides a local team on the ground, managing partner and investor relationships with extensive knowledge of target markets. 

July Residential maintains optimal relations with investors through reliable and transparent communication. The investment firm aims to double its investments within the next two years and believes that having access to advanced real estate investment management software and affiliating with the right partners will help achieve its objectives.  

Challenges and Objectives 

July Residential faced various service support and technical issues with two software vendors prior to reaching out to Agora. For instance, there were delays in the follow-up of customer support service, resulting in a bottleneck of unresolved requests. 

According to feedback, the July Residential team felt that the software vendors had an “immature infrastructure” that lacked the tools and features required to maintain a fully integrated point of operation. The real estate investment management firm was at the cusp of reverting to segregated tools such as emails and spreadsheets when they decided to try a demo with Agora. 

How Agora Supported July Residential 

Before using Agora, July Residential faced lingering user interface issues in their manual backend processes through separate software such as spreadsheets and standard emails. Agora automated these processes with easy onboarding, driving accurate and seamless investor management in a seamless, professional, and more presentable manner. 

Agora maintained responsive communications with July residential, growing with them each step of the way. Decision-makers within the investment firm could readily and conveniently connect with the Agora support team to expedite and resolve a query. 

July Residential discovered that the Agora platform exceeded the common limitations of other investor management platforms. For instance, with Agora, the team could accurately calculate waterfalls and send specific distributions across various investor layers and structures frictionlessly. 

Agora's success provided assurance, and the platform offered features that had met July Residential’s software needs. July Residential looks forward to implementing the Agora platform as a fully integrated point of operation, managing K-1s, emails, distributions, and digital document signing, giving investors a fuss-free and enjoyable experience that encourages long-term relationships.

Ultimately, Agora improved July Residential’s impression of the limitations of real estate investment software as a reliable partner that promotes trust and accountability. 

What Isaac Pinto Had to Say 

Isaac Pinto, a Managing Partner and co-founder of July Residential, had a positive experience partnering with Agora and has recommended the platform to LPs, partners, and other professional relations in the real estate investment scene.  

“The software (Agora platform) was pleasant to the eye, easy to use, and user-friendly.”

“They (Agora) are not just service providers. They are actually walking with you, they care about your success. They care about your specific needs. It is not just about selling the product but ensuring it is a perfect fit for your needs. And if it is not, they will ensure it will be.”

Closing Thoughts 

July Residential had significant reservations regarding onboarding with investment management software. Isaac voiced his concerns about the sensitive process that involved multiple parties, including partners, investors, and employees, across hundreds of millions in managed assets. 

Agora’s frictionless onboarding fulfilled July Residential’s expectations, offering investors a comfortable experience that encouraged software use and future investments. The smooth and easy process made it comfortable for every party collaborating with July Residential. 

Isaac looks forward to a fruitful long-term partnership with Agora in establishing a fully integrated solution that manages reports, distributions, emails, K-1s, and more for everyone, regardless of their IT knowledge. He believes that an innovative and intuitive platform like Agora could serve as an instrumental addition to July Residential’s toolbox in the future of the increasingly competitive multifamily market.

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“Other software are close-coded basically. So, it is what it is, you need to walk with it. With Agora, it is really quick to make changes and adjustments, to fit our business and to fit our needs.”

Issac Pinto

Managing Partner and co-founder at July Residential

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