Optimizing Lightwater Capitals' investor communications with a reliable portal that presents a sophisticated and professional image.

Agora collaborated with emerging CRE investment firm Lightwater Capital in streamlining communications within a single dynamic CRM (capital relationship manager). The partnership allowed Lightwater Capital to maintain quality investor relations as it grew and scaled as a young company.

Frictionless Investor Experience

The user-friendly interface of Agora's investment portal provided Lightwater Capital's investors with an autonomous experience in seeking the information they needed with minimal guidance. Through the portal's simple but effective design, Lightwater Capital reduced the frequency of investor queries by empowering them to take greater control of their portfolio information.

Seamless Portal Aesthetics

Agora's customized investor portal solution kept Lightwater Capital "on-brand" by implementing a seamless design that incorporated the company's colors, logos, and general theme. The process goes against the common investor notion of investment companies using third-party software in fulfilling their tasks. Instead, Agora maintained an in-house look synonymous with the real estate investment management company.

Easy On-Boarding

Lightwater Capital had a smooth and frictionless onboarding process with Agora, with everything set up and in full swing within three to four weeks. Agora guides clients from the start of the collaboration with a systematic checklist of real estate data for an efficient and intuitive platform migration.

About Lightwater Capital

Established in late 2019, Lightwater Capital has become a trusted name in the Southeast and Midwest markets. Lightwater Capital co-founders Meir Fried and Joe Wasser first partnered in J. Wasser & Co, a third-party real estate management firm, in 2007. They decided to begin a new venture as a sponsor/landlord that provided more control over property decisions that would benefit tenants and investors beyond the limitations of a third-party administrator. 

Meir accounts the rapid success of the firm to a genuine interest in improving the lives of tenants and investors through building long-term relationships over reaping short-term gains. 

Lightwater Capital's extensive experience as managers servicing third-party clients gives them the competitive advantage of understanding the technicalities and mechanics behind each deal, such as the time and steps taken for ordering supplies or navigating bad debt. As such, the firm provides a forecast of real estate investment opportunities with accuracy rather than risky guesswork. 

Lightwater Capital secured its first deal in Atlanta, Georgia, within 45 days, winning the confidence of a tightly knit investor community through their dedication to transparent communications and a systematic approach to real estate portfolio management. Meir and Joe consider themselves young guys who are in for the long term and foresee exponential growth in the next 20-30 years, with goals of becoming the biggest landlord in the US. 

Challenges and Objectives

Before Agora, Lightwater capital relied on manual processes such as exchanging individual emails or calls with investors and partners. The company gradually sought a more practical approach to managing a growing portfolio volume as they expanded across 18 months, managing over 150 million dollars worth of real estate investments. 

Lightwater Capital took a strategic approach of proactively seeking a real estate investment management platform while the firm oversaw a manageable amount of properties and information. 

As Meir describes it, Lightwater Capital needed a tool that communicated en masse. Additionally, since most investors have busy full-time jobs, the firm wanted a user-friendly, on-demand, self-servicing solution that was easy to learn and access for real-time insights. 

Essentially, the ideal platform would provide a sophisticated aesthetic alongside modern technological convenience, highlighting the metrics and the information prioritized by investors. 

How Agora Enabled Lightwater Capitals’ Growth

Agora provided a seamless CRM that enabled Lightwater Capital to manage all its investor communications from a one-stop location. The customized investor portal provided a sleek and on-brand look where investors could log in with minimal training or onboarding to retrieve portfolio information at their convenience. 

Lightwater Capital maintained efficient communication with the Agora support team throughout the partnership, avoiding tedious and ineffective online ticket submission systems. Instead, the real estate investment management firm could count on swift responses from accessible communication platforms like WhatsApp and text messages. 

Essentially, Agora operates as a partner rather than a vendor through responsive conversations across each stage of the platform experience. 

As a result, with Agora, Lightwater Capital saw increased efficiency in real estate portfolio management and experienced fewer investor questions by redirecting them to a reliable system with consistent reporting capabilities.  

What Meir Fried Had to Say

Meir had a wonderful experience partnering with Agora, specifically as two young promising companies growing together. 

"As a young growing company working with another young growing company. Kind of growing side by side, we can help each other. We felt that was really helpful."

"They (Agora) really simplified the presentation for our investors."

“It (Agora’s investor portal) presents our brand as a sophisticated brand with edgy marketing.”

"The accessibility of being able to communicate without the red tape of corporate nonsense was key to really learning how it (capital service management) worked."

"As the process has shown, when there is an issue, it is noted and is actually worked on and not just put in some suggestion box."

"you don't need to have a degree in technology education to log onto the portal to find what you want."

Closing Thoughts

Agora provided Lightwater Capital with a customized real estate investment management platform that propagated a professional, edgy, and sophisticated vibe that secured significant investor confidence. The partnership enhanced Lightwater Capital's position as a top firm that genuinely shares core values with its investors, driven by the philosophy that, as Meir puts it, "if I believe it, you'll believe it, and everybody is happy." 

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"Agora really simplified the presentation for our investors. The investor portal presents our brand as a sophisticated brand with edgy marketing.”

Meir Fried

Co-Founder and CEO at Lightwater Capital Investments

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