Investment Management Software

Designed for real estate investment firms and funds

Empower your brand and Raise More Capital

Take your business to the next level and be more professional with a CRM designed specifically for private real estate offerings, shared integrated data room and more advanced tools that will help you raise and preserve more capital

Automate reporting and operations

Increase overall productivity and efficiency by automating manual procedures, reducing deal cycle times through online subscription and digital e-signatures and saving thousands of hours on operational work so you could focus more on activities that drive revenues

Increase investor satisfaction

Provide your investors with greater transparency, better access and more confidence in your business, making them feel more confident investing with you.

Clean Officespace

Highest standards for software 

security and data privacy

We use the most advanced technologies and follow the highest standards of security and data privacy so you can rest at peace knowing your data is safe.

A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions


Easy-to-use yet powerful, and designed especially for real estate

Investor Portal

Clean, modern and user-friendly interface

Data Room

Manage all your documents in a secure modern data room

Fundraising Automation

Promote new opportunities, track the interest of prospective investors and easily collect online signatures

Investment Management

Automated calculations of investors balances

Investor Reporting

Best-in-class reporting that will delight both you and your investors

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