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Automate your portfolio management, generate reports, distribute waterfalls, and streamline performance data

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"We expect Agora to be a significant part of our growth because of its ability to provide a very high quality of data to our investors — both in data integrity, but also in the increasingly customizable reporting that Agora is able to deliver — all of which translates into happier and more satisfied investors, which really is the lifeblood of our business."

Mike Swilling

Managing Partner at OpenPath

“Using Agora, we’ve been able to take a lot of our processes out of Excel and onto the Agora platform, which saves us a lot of time in running through these processes each month."

Caroline Janjic

Chief Operating Officer at Iridius Capital

"Since using Agora, raising capital and marketing of new offerings became extremely more efficient. Our investors are very impressed with the professional look and feel. We've been able to optimize our back-office operations, reduce distributions frictions and grow much faster as a real estate investment firm"

Jonathan Bennett

President at AmTrust Realty

"Moving from a legacy investment management software to Agora was an incredible decision for our growth. Agora provides much more functionality in an easy to use, customizable software."

Adam Karoly

Partner at Prism Multifamily Inc.

"The process of K1 distributions has taken us a few hours when we used an alternative solution that was not Agora. With Agora, the same process was done in two minutes. We needed a solution that was very elegant and user-friendly, and Agora was the right choice."

Mac Dabah

Managing Director and Co-Founder at Box Equities

"The best platform with the best customer service!

Agora allows us to do everything we have done so far but in a much more efficient way. All correspondence with investors, distributions of funds, fundraising, investor management, signing documents, and much more."

Yonatan Gelfand

Gelfund Real Estate Opportunities

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