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What do you get?



Investor portal

Premium portal
Investor requests management
Transaction Details
Performance Metrics
Comfortable OTP & 2FA Login
Advanced Visibility Permissions
Custom branded
Investors Data Control

Fundraising automation

Prospects Pipeline Management
Collect Soft Commitments
Customized subscriptions
Embedded e-signatures
Inbound leads management
Customized Data Rooms
Public brochures
Bulk Countersign
Co-Sponsors collaborative tool

Capital relationship manager (CRM)

Investor Management
Tasks & Reminders Management
Email center
Email analytics
Email Integration
e-Signature Requests
Dynamic Lists
Smart Search
Contacts segmentation 
Company Updates 
Salesforce Integration

Document center

Smart Document Folders
Documents Sharing
Bulk K1s automatic assignment
Internal Documents Drive
Secure storage

Real estate investment management

Basic investment structures
Advanced ownership structures
Advanced investment structures
Propagated transactions support
Transfer of ownership accounting
Units accounting
Tax Withholding and Adjustments
Manage Payments
Configurable Performance Metrics
Investor Balances Manager
Investment Data Export
User Permissions
Audit Logs
Accounting Data Import


Automatic Transaction Notices
Build your own statement tool
Excel data integration tool

Security & Privacy

End-to-end data encryption
ISO 27001 certified
Multi-Factor authentication

Customer success

Dedicated success manager
Seamless onboarding
24/7 support
Ongoing Training
Live Chat 
Whatsapp Groups
Educational Resources

International support


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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