Easy-to-use, Customizable real estate investment management software


Exceed your investors' expectations

Provide your investors full visibility into their investments, financials, reports, documents and updates in real-time, with a beautifully designed, customizable Investor Portal

  • Provide your investors with a modern experience
  • Streamline your investor communications
  • Give access to agreements, reports and tax documents
Capital relationship management (CRM)

Easily manage your capital relationships

Manage all your capital relationships in one CRM. Easily track and filter agreements, conversations, entities, different investor classes and important connections

  • Manage conversations with your investors from a single source
  • Send personalized emails in just a few clicks
  • Use dynamic lists to automatically manage investor segmentation
Fundraising automation

Streamline your fundraising process

Make your subscription process secure and frictionless for existing and new investors. Create digital offerings, collect online signatures and customize your subscription flows

  • Collect online signatures securely directly with the HelloSign integration
  • Get soft commitments and close your subscriptions faster
  • Share documents and asset information with a shared data room
Document center

Manage and share documents securely

Easily catalog and filter documents by any specification, use the smart search to locate documents faster than ever before and share documents with your investors in just a few clicks

  • Store and access documents and agreements
  • Create a secure shared repository with your investors
  • Automatically distribute documents by investor class, asset and more
Investment management

Manage and track your investments in real-time

Automatically calculate distributions even with multiple classes and waterfalls. Gain complete control over your financials and track payments transferred via ACH, wire and check

  • Easily distribute and receive payments
  • Manage different investor classes and waterfall structures
  • Provide your investors a clear view into asset performance
Streamlined reporting

Automate your reporting and tax operations

Accelerate back office operations and streamline your reporting process. Automatically allocate schedule K1’s and keep your investors informed on time

  • Generate reports automatically
  • Share reports with full personalization
  • Provide your investors with a professional, timely experience

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